What Are The Best Dungeons To Boost in WoW Vanilla?

Dungeons are the cornerstones of vanilla and are indispensable in leveling and increasing your character’s power at lower levels and the end of the game. If you are a novice RPG player, it is important to know that a dungeon is a five-player carrier forming a single character, with each player having an independent role in the team.

Dungeon boost in WoW classic is a level upgrade needed in the burning crusade adventure. Mostly dungeon boost in WoW classic is a requirement for newbies or players who had not reached level 60 in the warfare. For once in every account, players need to purchase a lifetime boost which is optional if you want to join the burning crusade. To the pro, those already at level 60 in WoW classic can tell how exciting the burning crusade is. But that is not just it yet because it is way more challenging than ever as exciting as it is.

The play in this new adventure is that thousands of players are flocking into the dark portal to kill demons. The challenging bit is that once you get into the hellfire peninsula, all other players there have the same challenge to complete like you. The quest includes killing the demons to get credits, of which burning crusade classic does not allow sharing of credits. That means if you are not first or strong enough, you might get stuck waiting for other players to spawn and not have as much fun.

The trick has been to work in groups of five to have more fun in the WoW classic burning crusade. These groups called dungeons work so that the five members from one dungeon fight the demon with combined effort. The best thing about it is that you will not compete with hundreds of other players and have more fun. What you need to know, however, if you have not joined the burning crusade classic, is that you will need a level boost to jump into the dark portal. This level boost is a one-time elevation aimed at getting players into the burning crusade, even if they are at level 58 or so.

What Dungeons To Boost In WoW Classic

Like I said earlier, dungeons boost in WoW Classic is only allowed once for the whole game. When speaking in an interview about the launch of the burning crusade, the production director of WoW classic said that the one-time boost had special intentions. Patrick Dawson said that the intention of the boost is not to help players skip levels but rather to help them jump right into the dark portal if they had not reached level 60.

These one-time dungeons boost in WoW classic is also not a regular free boost, but rather, players will have to pay for it. To make it fair, the burning crusade adventure is made optional so that players who have not reached level 60 and are not willing to pay more money in the game can play other races.

Best Dungeons for Boosting in World of Warcraft Vanilla

The quickest and most passive easy to level your character in Classic WoW is through boosting dungeons. As long as you have an in-game gold, seasoned Vanilla veterans can help you boost the following.

  • Ragefire Chasm (FRC)
  • Shadowfang Keep (SFK)
  • Scarlet Monastery (SM)
  • Maraudon Wara
  • Zul’Gurub (ZG)

How To Find A Carry For Dungeon

For a beginner, getting a dungeon group is not an easy task. Most bosses or team leaders will avoid newbies because they want skilled players who don’t need to be educated. But still, there are good team leaders who will take you in and show you around. Finding a carry dungeon again will require some navigation lingo skills with the application. Here are some helpful tips on how to find a carry dungeon.

LFG means looking for a group.

LFM means a certain group is looking for a player to fill a position in their group.

Once you find a group, the team leader will assign you a role that you will be playing in the dungeon.


The most important thing about dungeon boost in WoW classic is that it is a one-time boost only meant to get you into the burning crusade. Characters who are not in the burning crusade can not purchase the dungeon boost. Other than that, the burning crusade is truly a great experience.

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